Different Kinds of Chocolate

What are the different types of chocolate? Some of the common types of chocolate include semisweet, milk, bittersweet and unsweetened chocolate. The chocolates are produced using common cocoa beans. The cocoas beans can be mass produced for you to have a lot of chocolate for different purposes. There are also specialty cocoa beans which are expensive. The aromatic chocolate tends to be a bit expensive. The various types of chocolates available are classified according to the way they are made. The ingredients used also affect the flavor of the final product.

What are the different types of chocolate?

White chocolate

This is chocolate made out of ingredients such as vanilla, emulsifier, milk, sugar, cocoa butter and other flavorings. White chocolate does not contain non-fat ingredients from the cocoa bean. It has an off-white color which gives it the name white chocolate. It has a mild and pleasant flavor. The white chocolate can be used to make chocolate Panax, mousse, and other desserts.

Milk chocolate

This is sweet chocolate generally containing between 10 and 20% cocoa solids. The solids include cocoas butter and cocoa. There is more than 12% of milk in this type of chocolate. It is used for purposes such as baking and making cookies. If you love cooking, then you must be familiar with milk chocolate.

Dark chocolate

It is sweetened chocolate which has little content of cocoa solids and tiny milk. The dark chocolate can as well contain up to 12% milk solids. If you go out and ask for dark chocolate, you can either access sweet, bittersweet or even semi-sweet chocolate. There are also unsweetened chocolates referred to as dark chocolate in the market. If you like to buy dark chocolate, always specify the species you will like to have.

Sweet dark chocolate

They are similar to semi-sweet chocolate. The flavor of semi-sweet and sweet chocolate is very close. You can use the recipe for the semi-sweet chocolate to prepare the sweet dark chocolate. This type of chocolate contains between 35 to 45% cocoa solids.

Semi-sweet chocolate

It is the classic dark baking chocolate available in many stores. It is mostly used to bake, preparation of cookies and in the manufacture of brownies. It can be used in places where sweet dark chocolate is required as a supplement. With semi-sweet dark chocolate, you will enjoy a sweet flavor.

Bittersweet chocolate

It is a sweetened chocolate which mostly contains at least 35% of cocoa solids. A quality bittersweet chocolate should contain at least 60% to 85% cocoa solids. It will depend on the brand, though. If the content of cocoa sold goes up, the sugar content always goes low. It gives a more intense or even a bitter taste of chocolate. The chocolate is very different from sweet or semisweet chocolate. It has a distinct flavor which is more of bitter than sweetness.

Unsweetened chocolate

It is a bitter chocolate used for baking purposes only. It has poor taste hence not suitable for eating. It contains 100% cocoa solids. It can contain about 50% cocoa butter depending on the brand.


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